[Libav-user] How to feed motion vectors

Yves Michels yves.michels at centrale-marseille.fr
Fri Jul 17 12:56:02 CEST 2015


I am working on video steganography in collaboration with northumbria  
university. I am working with the H.264 standard. I made a program to  
read and store the information about the macroblock partition and the  
motion vector values, and to change the motion vectors in an AVFrame  
structure. I am now trying to encode the video (with  
"avcodec_encode_video2") with the macroblock partition and the motion  
vectors stored in the AVFrame (instead of re-estimate these  
parameters). I tryed to fix the "me_method" to ME_X1 (6) but it is not  
sufficient. How to generate the bitstream (AVPacket) without estimate  
the MB partition and the MV values?

Please find attached my program.

Nb : the function which write the video, "MV_ReadWrite", begin line  
626, the codec information are set line 687, and the encoding loop  
begin line 767.

Best regards,

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