[Libav-user] yadif example

Fermín Ayuso Márquez fayuso83 at yahoo.es
Thu Oct 15 13:17:44 CEST 2015

Hello everybody,
I need some help.
We had a C++ code that use avpicture_deinterlace. For some reason, we have needed upgrade ffmpeg to 2.8.1 version.Now, this function is not available anymore.

We have tried to use yadif filter using the filtering_video.c example as a model, but we could not deinterlace our video frames, we always have problems with avfilter_graph_config function (returns -22).We searched on Google too, but there is no clear information about how to deinterlace a video using "new" libavfilter.
In the past, using avpicture_deinterlace we only need this three structs:struct AVCodecContext *codecCtx; //codec context struct AVFrame *srcFrame;  //input frame struct AVFrame *dinFrame; //deinterlaced frame
Now, we don't know how to do this, using other structs, classes, etc.
Could anyone post a C++ code example using yadif filter. please?
Thank you,
Best regards.
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