[Libav-user] sws_scale access violation

Tmac twisted89 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 21:37:38 CET 2015


I'm getting an access violation error when attempting to use sws_scale on
h264 stream, what is strange is that the error only only happens when the
video resolution is set to 360p. I'm not sure if it's related to up scaling
to 720p.
The access violation occurs at the following code in swscale.c line 529

            if (c->needs_hcscale)
                hcscale(c, chrUPixBuf[chrBufIndex], chrVPixBuf[chrBufIndex],
                        chrDstW, src1, chrSrcW, chrXInc,
                        hChrFilter, hChrFilterPos, hChrFilterSize,
                        formatConvBuffer, pal);

I'm just using it to up scale the image, pixel format is the same
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