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>Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2015 13:31:27 +0200
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>Subject: [Libav-user] Fwd: Frame number mismatch
>Hi all!>>I'm unfortunate enough that I have a steady stream of midly corrupted/badly encoded mp4/h264 videos what I need to process. I >wrote a simple program based on some tutorial on the internet which reads all the video frames using av_read_frame and >avcodec_decode_video2, I even flush the internal buffer of the decoder with some empty packets in the end. (No errors in the >process, no corrupted frames...)>>It looks good and well until I run the ffmpeg standalone tool (compiled from the same source three) with jpg output, which >produces 600 more frames than my frame reader (from a 24k frame long video). (All frames look valid, but maybe duplicated...)>>What ffmpeg does differently? Did I miss something? (Like a flag in AVFrame which tells me to duplicate, or some options in the >decoder?)>>Thanks for your help!>>Best,>Tr3wory
What your frame reader does, does it just write frames as jpegs?and what are the arguments to ffmpeg!
please give more explanation for the problem

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