[Libav-user] detecting corrupted frames via RTSP(H264) stream

manuk_h at rbcmail.ru manuk_h at rbcmail.ru
Sat Sep 26 14:06:15 CEST 2015


We are using FFMPEG(libav libraries) to get frames from 
RTSP(H264) stream for image processing. RTSP used over

For testing we use ffplay : 
ffplay.exe -sync video -loglevel trace rtsp://x.x.x.x:554/h264 
Sometimes in log(trace level) we get messages like this
-Frame num gap
-cabac decode of qscale diff failed
-error while decoding MB

After those messages  few corrupted frames appear. 
Sometimes whole image is grayed, sometimes bad 
subareas with pixels in mixed colors.

Is there any way(functions) to somehow detect those 
errors in libav API?

We would like to drop few frames in our code after 
indicating those errors to avoid corrupted images at 
the entry of processing module.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

With best regards,
Manuk Akopyan

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