[Libav-user] Using the latest ffmpeg-libs on Fedora 24

Sébastien Le Roux sebastien.leroux at ipcms.unistra.fr
Thu Dec 1 15:06:15 EET 2016

Dear Carl,
thanks for your answer, I would consider your fist remark to use the 
FFmpeg git head,
if I knew what you were talking about, the latest version on git maybe ?
I am not familiar with the terminology.

Here are the minimal changes in the code:

1) Old code:

I had an "AvStream -> codec" (AvCodecContext)

2) New code:

I created an AvCodecContext separately from the AvStream,
in which I copied codec information into the "codecpar" using:

avcodec_parameters_from_context (st -> codecpar, context)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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