[Libav-user] Wrap live h264 frames in MPEG2-TS and multicast it

Dmitry F former.anonymous at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 17:10:23 EET 2016

Hi everybody.

I have a live source of h264 frames. This is not a file, but some sort of
live stream distributing pure h264 frames created with x264 library. I am
able to view this stream in VLC and similar players. Now I'd like to
retransmit this stream in a MPEG2-TS to a UDP multicast address using C/C++
code (without using ffmpeg exe etc.). Pseudo code:

    h264_frame = get_h264_frame_from_stream() # implemented
    ts_frame = convert_h264_to_ts(h264_frame) # ???
    multicast(ts_frame) # implemented
goto forever

UDP multicast part is implemented and works fine. But I'm stuck with
wrapping these h264 frames in MPEG2-TS.

Could you please point me out the right direction how to wrap h264 in a
MPEG2-TS? A sample C/C++ code would be much appreciated.
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