[Libav-user] Extract Intra-frames from stream video without installing ffmpeg

Gabriele Giusti gabrielegiusti90 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 11:20:00 EET 2016

Good morning,
we are two italian master thesis students of the Faculty of Engineering of
Florence. We want to ask you a question about the use of the FFMPEG library.
Our purpose is to extract intra-frames from a video MPEG4 and trasform
these frames in JPEG images. We know the following command line: *ffmpeg -i
input.flv -vf "select='eq(pict_type,PICT_TYPE_I)'" -vsync vfr thumb%04d.png*
but we have 2 main problems:

-We are working on an embedded system and for this we can't install the
FFMPEG library.
-We have to extract a I-frame every second from a video that is not fully
created because stream video is builded in real time. Therefore we must
capture the last I-frame that it's been created.

In our opinion to solve these problems, we need an help on which specific
functions and source files we must use. So we can include these functions
directly in our project. Thanks for support,

Best Regards,
Federico Contini
Gabriele Giusti
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