[Libav-user] programmatic frame rate control?

Blake Senftner bsenftner at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 21 19:31:09 EET 2016

I have been able to write a little video player library that handles any type of video file, USB web cam, or IP camera or live stream… but the playback frame rate is never above 15 fps. 

Even with a 160x40 video file, h264 with nothing but a ticking 29.97 timecode, it plays back at 15 fps while consuming < 2% cpu. 

I’ve tried AVDictionary settings for framerate, which are not being picked up (left in the AVDictinary.)

Lacking any direct frame rate information, what AVDictionary key/values have you found that improve and/or make an improving difference in your efforts to playback video?

-Blake Senftner

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