[Libav-user] Is there a way to store the correct timecode (not a calculated one) for a frame in the mxf-timecode stream?

Andreas Ã…kerlund andreas.akerlund at svt.se
Tue Jul 5 14:09:11 CEST 2016


I'm creating a ingest software that will encode dnxhd files from a SDI-source and can't find any hints on how to specify the timecode for a frame. I did get the "timecode" option to work on the videostream, but I need to be able to store timecodes that might be out of order or from media that might have been recorded, stopped and resumed through out the day (or week).

>From what iv'e been able to find in the sources it seem to be hardcoded in mxfenc.c in the function mxf_write_system_item

frame = mxf->last_indexed_edit_unit + mxf->edit_units_count;
time_code = av_timecode_get_smpte_from_framenum(&mxf->tc, frame);

which would indicate that the mxf encoder doesn't provide an interface to supply individual frames with timecode.

Have I missed something or are there any known workarounds to inject timecodes?


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