[Libav-user] libswscale mystery (assertion desc failed)

Sampsa Riikonen sampsa.riikonen at iki.fi
Mon Jun 27 11:50:30 CEST 2016

Thanks Gonzalo,

In the end it was something pretty stupid .. I was using lates .h files 
when generating swig wrappers and .h files from another version when 



On 25.06.2016 20:23, Gonzalo wrote:
> El 25/06/16 a las 10:32, Sampsa Riikonen escribió:
>> Does this look like a memory overflow?
>> Why is the other library version prone to this error, while the other 
>> one is not? (the two library versions have different configure 
>> parameters)
> Yes, you have some memory trashing going on.  The reason why one lib 
> works and the other does not is probably to a different memory layout.

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