[Libav-user] Including ffmpeg in c program/application

Xeye Innovations developer.xeye at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 12:04:50 CET 2016

I want to make a C program in which I want to directly use actual functions
of ffmpeg. Right now I'm using 'system("ffmpeg command")' to run ffmpeg
command in my C program. This directly or indirectly executes in the
terminal of my Ubuntu Linux. However this frequently opens terminal, runs
the command and closes terminal. Thus multiple terminals are working at a
time which is not a good solution.

I want to include/embed ffmpeg command in my program so shtat I can
directly access the actual fumctions which are defined in the ffmpeg
source. I'm working on a C project in which I need to make a complete
firmware which runs this single program so that I don't have to rely on the
multiple terminals and can call the function directly.

So how can I achieve my goal to integrate/embed/include ffmpeg in my C
program ? Any useful links, suggestions are gratey appreciated.

Thank you
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