[Libav-user] Reencoding sound track in video file.

Adev Dev androiddevmar11 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:19:13 CET 2016

I am working on converting audio track of video files. In these files video
is encoded with h263 codec and audio with AMR_WB.

I have to convert audio track to be encoded with AAC coded.  So the new
video should be encoded with h263 and sound with AAC.

My general approach is to copy video frame without reencoding to output
stream and rencode sound with AAC codec.

The first problem is to create output context with h263 video codec and AAC
audio codec. I am not sure if it is possible?. In all examples I saw
"av_guess_format" is used to create audio and video context. For file path
with extension "mp4" it creates context with mpeg4 and AAC codes. How to
create this context I need?
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