[Libav-user] RTP/MJPEG low contrast image on low quality setting

Paul B Mahol onemda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 11:41:28 CET 2016

On 3/24/16, Ico <libav at zevv.nl> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a device sending out a MJPEG/RTP stream on a low quality setting.
> Decoding and displaying the video with libavformat results in a washed
> out, low contrast, greyish image. Playing the same stream with VLC results
> in proper color representation.
> Screenshots for comparison:
>   http://zevv.nl/div/libav/shot-ffplay.jpg
>   http://zevv.nl/div/libav/shot-vlc.jpg
> A pcap capture of a few seconds of video and SDP file for playing the
> stream are available at
>   http://zevv.nl/div/libav/mjpeg.pcap
>   http://zevv.nl/div/libav/mjpeg.sdp
> (On linux, replay the stream with tcpreplay: sudo tcpreplay -i lo
> mjpeg.pcap)
> Can anyone give an explanation on the difference in interpretation
> between libav and VLC? Is it likely that the problem is in the device
> generating the JPEG stream?

No, its problem in ffplay itself.

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