[Libav-user] Need help with transcoding to AAC example

Przemysław Sobala przemyslaw.sobala at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 16:11:20 CEST 2016

W dniu 31.03.2016 o 14:34, Carl Eugen Hoyos pisze:
> Przemysław Sobala <przemyslaw.sobala at ...> writes:
>> if I want to change audio sample rate would I have to
>> use some auto inserted resampler filter or
>> libswrresample/
> You can choose either the aresample filter or call the
> resampling library explicitely.
>> API (what's the difference)?
> You may have other filters that you want to use or
> you may prefer not to use libavfilter at all.
> Carl Eugen

I've found out I can use:
- asetnsamples filter when I got to feed the encoder with specific frame 
- aresample filter to change audio sampling rate

That looks great!
But does using filters add any performance impact?
Best regards
Przemysław Sobala

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