[Libav-user] vaapi decoding, av_hwframe_transfer_data

Nikita Orlov nikitos1550 at yandex.ru
Fri May 20 12:27:26 CEST 2016


I am decoding using last ffmpeg with vaapi support (libva for intel).

For decoding I am handling my pool of VASurfaces, and set pointers for my own get_frame, get_buffer and release_buffer for AVCodecContext.
So, when I am try to transfer hw decoded frame to memory, using  av_hwframe_transfer_data it assumes, that src AVFrame will have pointer to hw_frames_ctx,
but mine is null, so segfault.

During encoding, I am creating AVHWDeviceContext, AVVAAPIDeviceContext and AVHWFramesContext, so ffmpeg inits VASurfaces by its own.

Question is, how to use it for decoding (h.264)? How to set proper get_frame, get_buffer and release_buffer for AVCodecContext?

Nikita Orlov
Skype: nik_stet
QQ: 2717846083

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