[Libav-user] avformat_open_input on dead UDP link hangs after interrupt_callback signaled exit

Net net at point.com.mk
Fri May 27 15:37:20 CEST 2016

Just happen today, after latest dll update, my small Win32 test program 
stopped working. It goes like this:

2 threads, avformat_open_input on first, trying to open dead udp link, 
for ex. "udp://"
interrupt_callback is get called and seems to working properly.
Second thread is setting exit variable that is checked in 
interrupt_callback, returning 1 (exit), and all ok.

However, avformat_open_input does not exit, blocks.
Last message is: (module: message) AVIOContext: Statistics: 0 bytes 
read, 0 seeks

I've been able to find last version that worked; using Win32 dll’s from 
NOT working: 

I think reproducing is trivial, so did not provide source code.

Thank you,

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