[Libav-user] libdash and ffmpeg

Georg Stein SMC georg at steinmc.com
Sat Nov 19 12:51:06 EET 2016


i just started a small app what receives an audio and video stream via 
the libdash mpeg-dash library and writes the separated streams as 2 
files onto my disc. I can fine combine these 2 files now with the ffmpeg 
command line tool as mp4 and play it back. In the next step i wanted to 
try to do the muxing already while i receive the streams in memory with 
libavformat, but this is not working at all - whether i do something 
wrong, or its only not possible to do something like this with 

my goal is:

1. receive the first segments for audio and video from libdash

2. hand this over to libab segment by segment

3. get from libav a playable mp4 stream with video and audio combined

I'm working with c++ (Qt5)

tips are welcome :)

with regards


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