[Libav-user] Bad Decoding from H264 stream

Nitay Megides nitaym at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 02:39:19 EET 2016


I have the following code for an H264 decoder: http://pastebin.com/9gWnuBWN
It's a simple decoder, and I've seen it work with several streams I gave it.

However, I have a stream received from a (DJI) drone I'm trying to decode
which gives bad frames, like so - http://imgur.com/a/rm8Ex

I'm getting different frames with different parts of the image smudged, but
there's always a (large) smudged part. It feels like I have only the
p-frame data (on a certain area) decoded but the rest of the image is not
I though it might be a stream problem, so I fed the exact same stream to a
different decoder (also based on ffmpeg, same version) that yielded proper
decoded frames.
Can you see a problem with my code?

I'm using ffmpeg 20160910-09317e3

Thank you
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