[Libav-user] Decoding H264 frames on Windows

Alex Grosu agrosu at c-s.ro
Mon Oct 3 13:52:52 EEST 2016

Dear all

I am having some issues with time decoding H.264 frames with libavcodec. 
I am receiving 1920x1080 frames at 25 FPS, thus a frame should be 
displayed each 40 ms. But the decoding time per frame is between 55 ms 
and 83 ms, way too much.
I am thinking at the following strategy: create 4 threads, each thread 
will decode a I-Frame slice (composed by SPS and PPS and IDR + all NACs 
until the next SPS&PPS&IDR). In theory, this should work on a >4CPUs 
My question is: is there any other way in handling this kind of situation?

Kind regards

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