[Libav-user] Decoding H264 frames on Windows

Alex Grosu agrosu at c-s.ro
Mon Oct 3 18:05:41 EEST 2016

Dear Carl
I forgot to tell that the version of my ffmpeg build is old, I can't 
find for example "active_thread_type" variable, only thread_count and 
thread_opaque. I built the library with --enable-pthreads, I can see 
this by calling "avcodec_configuration()"
Thank you for all the help I can get
PS: can you please tell me what you ment by "do not top-post here" ? 
Thank you

> To which value do you currently set AVCodecContext->thread_count for
> decoding?
> Please do not top-post here, Carl Eugen
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