[Libav-user] H264 reverse playback

Alex Grosu agrosu at c-s.ro
Thu Oct 13 17:19:35 EEST 2016


Using libavcodec, I would like to implement a logic for reverse playback 
(and frame by frame in reverse) in my video player app.
I am thinking to use some buffering method, and store a whole GOP (4 
seconds)  in a RAM buffer while playing in normal mode. When the user 
wants to reverse playback, I will simply use the stored frames, 
rendering them backwards and fill the buffer with the previous GOP (on 
another thread, of course) while the user uses reverse playback. I am 
aware this will be memory consuming, but with current hardware 
I do have a second idea. At the moment, I am dropping all the rendered 
frames in playback mode. When the user wants to reverse playback, I will 
request the previous I-frame and all the P-frames until the current 
frame, decode them, fill the buffer and start playing backward. The 
previous GOP will be requested while playing backwards, and buffer 

Is there any other point I can start with? Another idea or some hints?

Thank you a lot for reading this

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