[Libav-user] how to set timeout in rtmp plugin to avoid indefinite waiting?

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Thu Oct 27 14:01:25 EEST 2016


ffmpeg 2.8.6 is used to develop application, which reads rtmp stream and does some video processing. 'AVIOInterruptCB interrupt_callback' is used to avoid indefinite waiting if there is no avpackets in network. But it doesn't work, and avformat_open_input() waits forever. My source code is shown as follows:

static int decodeInterruptCb(void *p)
    return 1;

AVFormatContext *pIfmtCtx;
pIfmtCtx->flags |= AVFMT_FLAG_NONBLOCK;
pIfmtCtx->interrupt_callback.callback = decodeInterruptCb;
pIfmtCtx->interrupt_callback.opaque = NULL;

avformat_open_input(&pIfmtCtx, pInRtmpUrl, NULL, NULL);

callback function is set that intends to return immediately, Why avformat_open_input() still waits for indefinite time?

Is there something wrong with the usage of ffmpeg lib?




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