[Libav-user] change in x265 library??

James At The Hale james at thehales.id.au
Mon Dec 18 04:27:46 EET 2017

Yes, thanks for that.

Looking at the readme.txt at the x265 Bitbucket wiki I see it is dated December and mentions a specific build requirement for Yasm.
Given that the builds before this time were ok and the person doing these builds says he hasn’t changed his build process for a while I suspect that he is using an earlier version of Yasm and didn’t realize it needed to be upgraded.
I will find out if this is the case in a day or two.

BTW does the 
MacPorts install allow for the 10bit build of x265?


> On 18 Dec 2017, at 13:09, Christopher Snowhill <kode54 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Dec 17, 2017, at 5:28 PM, James Hale <james at thehales.id.au> wrote:
>> While writing a reply to the previous poster (I use the GUI iFFMpeg) I thought I would examine the output from the last working build (end of Nov) with one of the blow out builds.
> I thought I'd chime in, and report that MacPorts makes it quite easy to install your own build of FFmpeg with x264 and x265 support enabled by default, producing a GPLv3 release. It automatically installs yasm, which handles the instruction optimizations you'll be needing there.
> (Note the "noasm", or No Assembly, so they built without yasm installed, and possibly disabled any inline assembly. I assume it's not using video toolbox, for GPU or CPU assisted hardware encoding, but rather, using assembly optimizations targeting various CPU instruction sets. "noasm" means you're not getting any of those.)
> Hopefully, your iFFmpeg tool can find binaries installed to /opt/local/bin, or at least linked there? Assuming it uses console mode tools to perform the actual encoding work.
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