[Libav-user] Regression problem on opus audio (old api)

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra13 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 21:55:57 EEST 2017

Hi everybody.

I recently updated my ffmpeg to the latest revision and found that my 
viewer had problems decoding audio from a matroska (webm) video, which 
used the opus audio codec.  This is with the old audio api 
(avcodec_decode_audio4).  No other audio codecs seem to have a problem.  
The error I get is that of a return value of less than 0 and the 
got_frame variable is 0.
I bisected the git log, and found that there are two commits where the 
problem appears.  The first commit does not compile.
The commits are:
061a0c14bb5767bca72e3a7227ca400de439ba09 (does not compile doing make 
distclean first)
bddb2343b6e594e312dadb5d21b408702929ae04 (does compile and has the opus 
audio problem)

ffplay plays fine the opus audio, but it is using the new api.  I tried 
switching to the new api, but I could not get it to work with any audio 
codec.  Therefore, I would prefer to stay with the old api.
I am wondering what else can I try to find out why the opus codec fails 
decoding.  Any help is appreciated.

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