[Libav-user] How do I work around no url.h

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Thu Mar 2 01:19:44 EET 2017

Greetings all,

Tags: AVFormat, url.h, version 3.0.7, Ubuntu
Summary: Need help finding out how to update ancient code to new standards.

I recently posted a bug (Trac #6211) because I wasn't sure how otherwise 
to contact the developers. A change (Trac #2059) approximately four 
years ago lead to the Url.h being removed from Avformat installation. At 
around the same time development for Vega Strike dried up and the Open 
Source project was all but mothballed.

Now, I am working through the project to bring the stable release back 
to some kind of functionality and to actually get it compiled. With the 
changes that FFMPEG has made, this has become all but impossible. At 
least not without help and guidance given what I can only assume is a 
lack of documentation in the area.

Myself and a few others were working on an "incomplete type definition" 
of some kind relating to "h->priv_data =f;" or _url_open(). Solutions 
posted on Stack Overflow for similar problems indicated that there was 
an include missing. Given how this worked before, I did think this was 
odd at the time, but nevertheless from looking at the documentation for 
the FFMPEG Avformat library, we found what should be included and typed in

"#include <url.h>"

Very quickly, this met with a fatal: file not found, compilation error. 
After a fair few hours scouring, and making rather silly attempts at 
fixing it (now that we look back) I went to actually go find the file, 
only to find it wasn't present at all in the library or even associated 
libraries. An online search took some digging and some custom search 
commands to find Trac #2059 that indicated url.h had been removed entirely.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any documentation to assist 
with working my way around this, particularly as the documentation for 
the Vega Strike project is also woefully lacking. Hence I am writing to 
the mailing list to find out how to bring it up to spec, searching for 
access to information where we can read up.

We have a github issue for this (Vegastrike-Taose #11) and any guidance 
would be appreciated getting this compilation error fixed.

Kindest Regards

Trac #6211, Taose Access: [https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/6211#ticket], 2017
Trac #2059, Mustrumr Access: 
[https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/6211#ticket], 2012
Vegastrike-Taose #11, Taose Access: 
[https://github.com/Taose/Vegastrike-taose/issues/11], 2017
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