[Libav-user] Ignore stream error options

matrixebiz matrixebiz at gmail.com
Tue May 9 19:15:05 EEST 2017

Okay, then what other ffmpeg options are there that will help with ignoring
source stream errors so that ffmpeg doesnt crap out and will keep on
ticking? Error_detect didn't seem to fix my issues, ffmpeg output still
crapped out with glitchy video and audio so had to restart the transcoding
process. Thank you
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> 2017-05-09 3:13 GMT+02:00 matrixebiz <[hidden email]
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> > The -err_detect ignore_error switch doesn't seem to work with avconv :(
> As many other features of FFmpeg.
> Otoh, many bugs in avconv are missing from FFmpeg:-)
> But on this mailing list, only FFmpeg libraries are supported,
> none of the many forks.
> Carl Eugen
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