[Libav-user] sws_scale - "Warning: data is not aligned!" when using opencv::Mat

Wodzu brucedickinson at wp.pl
Sat Dec 22 16:33:49 EET 2018

Hi guys,


I would like to kindly ask for help with warning message called from


I am using this code (simplified to show the issue) to convert from


  void Encoder::Encode(uint8_t *image_data)



       const int linesize[1] = { context->width };

       sws_scale(sws_context, &image_data, linesize, 0, context->height,
frame->data, frame->linesize);



I am encoding a series of images to h264, everything works fine but
sws_scale shows me the warning and I would like to get rid of it.

I understand that the issue is due to wrong alignment of one of the
parameters passed to sws_scale but after reading sources

I don't understand how it even supposed to work with parameters that I am


sws_scale expects parameter srcSlice which is "the array containing the
pointers to the planes of the source slice". 


However, what I am passing is the image data itself, not pointers in the
array. So this should not even work, but it works which I don't get it.

There are no pointers in the array but bytes representing an image.


I see where the check is being made (in swscale which is called by
sws_scale) but I don't have the debug version to output all the

addresses to see which one is wrong. From what I've checked obviously wrong
is image_data[0], image_data[1], image_data[2] because there are no pointers


I am confused, could anyone help?




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