[Libav-user] sws_scale - "Warning: data is not aligned!" when using opencv::Mat

Wodzu brucedickinson at wp.pl
Sun Dec 23 12:19:25 EET 2018

> Digital video by definition has a range, for "8bit h264 video"
> (and anything coming from dvb and dvd) it is 16..235 while it is 0..255 for jpeg.
> gray can be both, you have to know before you can encode it into h264. If
> your input is full scale (0-255) but you need an output video that can be
> shown anywhere, the conversion is unavoidable. (I cannot know what your
> input is.)

Thank you, I did not know that. So, my input is 8 bit bitmap which I guess has range 0..255.
How do I convert it (assuming that I have newest x264) to range 16..235?

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