[Libav-user] decode and encode on the fly on third party server

Sindre Svendby sinsvend at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 18:35:29 EET 2018


I'm trying to add a scoreboard to a stream of a volleyball match, I'm using
a webcam and a rasberry pi 3b+ to record and send the stream to a RTMP
server like youtube.

I was not able to get a good stable stream, and add the image of the
scoreboard on top of the stream. I think the the rasberry pi is not strong
But I really want to use the raspberry, because  do not want to add a power
supply, right now it's power by a  power bank.

I'm struggling a bit to understand the best approach to received and stream
to a server, decode and encode it with the "scoreboard picture" I have, and
send it to a RTMP server.

Could anyone suggest the best approach on how to do this?

Best Regards and Happy New Year
Sindre Svendby
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