[Libav-user] I cannot get swr_convert to work without memory in my demo

Finalspace finalspace at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 1 10:46:42 EET 2018

Hi there,

i am writing some sort of a media player right now, but when i convert 
the audio samples into the target format i need - the memory is always 
increasing even though when i call av_frame_unref() und 
av_packet_unref() when i am done with the frame/packet. If i disable the 
audio sample software conversion, the memory is fine. I am new to FFMPEG 
development, so i must do something horrible wrong...

Code is written in C++ but with C style and uses my own platform 
abstraction library. The way i do things is different from other 
examples. I have 4 separate threads, one for packet reading and queuing 
up packets into the proper places, one for video frame decoding + queue, 
one for audio samples decoding + queue and finally one for outputting 
the decoded audio samples to the audio device. The audio samples 
conversion is done in the output thread and queued up in one audio 
buffer array.

Can you please look into my demo source? Maybe you see something stupid 
what i dont see since days:




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