[Libav-user] Problem in setting stream side data

Davood Falahati falahati.davood at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 05:59:56 EET 2018

Dear all,

I am using ffmpeg transcoing example. In setting up the output file, I want
to copy the DISPLAY_MATRIX side data attached to the video stream. This is
what I do:

        AVStream *out_stream;

    AVStream *in_stream;

    static AVFormatContext *ifmt_ctx;

    static AVFormatContext *ofmt_ctx;




    out_stream = avformat_new_stream(ofmt_ctx, NULL);

    in_stream = ifmt_ctx->streams[i];

    uint8_t* resp = av_stream_get_side_data(in_stream ,


        av_stream_add_side_data(out_stream, AV_PKT_DATA_DISPLAYMATRIX,
resp, *sd_size);





    *avformat_free_context(ofmt_ctx); //problem happens here*

everything goes well until I want to free ofmt_ctx. I receive the
attached error.

Can you help me what is the problem and how should I resolve it?


Davood Falahati
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