[Libav-user] libavformat produces empty webm file after muxing

ravikiran.bs ravikiran.bs at zohocorp.com
Fri Jan 12 13:59:55 EET 2018


I am using libavformat to mux one audio and one video stream into a webm file. The video stream is already VP8 encoded and audio stream is already opus encoded. Now, in this I have two doubts : 

1. Do I have to decode the audio and video streams, pass the raw data again to encoder to get AVPacketized data ? Or simply I can create new AVPacket and set it's AVBuffer ?

2. When I followed the second approach, i.e when I created an new AVPacket and set its AVBuffer and pts, dts from RTPTimeStamps, and passed this AVPacket to av_write_interleaved_frame(), I get an empty file in the end after closing the file. Am Idoing something wrong ? Is there something more that needs to be set on AVPacket ?

Please help me in this. Thanks.


Ravi Kiran B S

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