[Libav-user] MUX Synchronize dts/pts/basetime does it mandatory?

kckang kckang at skycom.ne.kr
Tue Jan 23 03:17:21 EET 2018

mux works 2 stream combine, audio is 1, video is 0 stream.
when combine two type of packet, just ignore and write to output context. but its makes half size.
fralkly, I was so much confused, coz I wanna it becomes naturally reconize and automatically constructe this one. video reconized as a 25fps(by ffprobe, file type raw.264 from rtp payload by reconstruction, play is ok by ffplay) and audio packet is comming from aac file its also reconized by 8000hz samplingrate. how can I make it default automatic? or some easy way... 

now I am try to put 1sec / 25frame time increase and put each packet
pkt1[0].basetime = 1000000;

    pkt1[i].pts = pkt1[0].basetime + i * (1000000/25);
    pkt1[i].pts = pkt1[i].pts + 1;

but not work, and sound shrinked with a fast play 2 times video..

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