[Libav-user] Converting from one pixel format to another using the scale filter

Benjamin Pernot benjamin.pernot at free.fr
Mon Jun 11 14:19:20 EEST 2018

Hi all,

I would like to use the scale filter (based on swscale) to convert from one
pixel format to another, which means that I would like to be able to
specify to this filter the "dst_format" parameter (as well as "src_format"
Unfortunately from what I can see in the source code (vf_scale.c), the
"dst_format" parameter can not be configured but it is automatically set as
such :

enum AVPixelFormat outfmt = outlink->format;
av_opt_set_int(*s, "dst_format", outfmt, 0);

How can I override the "dst_format" parameter?

Thanks in advance,

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