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Fri Jun 22 13:10:56 EEST 2018


Could you, please, help us with the issue? We use FFMPEG for adding some 
filters to the video on Android devices. But for some reasons the video 
doesn't play via mobile video player (iOS and Android), in the case of 
adding Sepia filter, and the same video is playing fine if we open it 
via media player on PC. We used this string for converting:
-ss, 00:00:00.00, -i, 
/storage/emulated/0/me.outdoo/VID_1528889925855.mp4, -c:v, libx264, 
-crf, 17, -c:a, aac, -preset, fast, -filter_complex, 
-map, [color_effect], -t, 00:00:10.00, 

We found one factor. We do not use [colorchannelmixed] parameter in 
other filters, but such issue exists with Sepia filter only.

We are looking forward to your reply as we are on the publishing step of 
the app right now and don't want to receive negative feedback from users.

Thanks in advance.

Android Development Team


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