Nick Doran nick at surveillus.com
Wed Jun 27 03:41:38 EEST 2018

The comment in the header for this field says to send an empty packet "at the end."  Is this only for an EOS situation?  So it should be part of my flush operation (if that CAP is indicated)?

The scenario I'm trying to handle is starting in a paused state, and right now I'm not getting a frame, even though I have provided enough data to get one, and avcodec_receive_frame has returned 0.  I tried sending the empty AVPacket, and avcodec_send_packet returns Invalid argument, but sometimes it will give me a frame that I can render.  Without sending the empty AVPacket, I don't get anything until the *next* frame.

I am using h264, and I am using the "new" mechanism of avcodec_send_packet and avcodec_receive_frame (rather than the deprecated (but still seemingly popular) avcodec_decode_video2).  I am also using av_parser_parse2, which I suspect is where my frame is.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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