[Libav-user] Hardware encoder ARM input as device input

Marcin Woźniak marcin.wozniak at intermania.pl
Fri Mar 2 14:50:40 EET 2018

Writing to myself. Problem resolved. Wrong timebase.

W dniu 13.02.2018 o 13:56, Marcin Woźniak pisze:
> I am using HiSilicon 3516A board, there is no V4L device but other 
> approach using /dev/venc ioctl calls and MPP API.
> I am able to open the encoder, read raw H264 packets but no go, looks 
> like read_packet is called about 10 times slower than it should.
> If i move the code to outside of ffmpeg and open it as:
> dump_stream | ffmpeg -i - vcodec copy out.h264 //it works at good speed.
> Why libav is not calling read_packet as fast as it should?
> Marcin
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> what board are you using? if there is already v4l2 support in the kernel
> it should be a matter of just calling the ffmpeg with the right encoding
> parameters
> below an example to encode an NV12 YUV format:
> $ ffmpeg -f rawvideo -pix_fmt nv12 -s:v 1280:720 -r 25 -i
> ~/Videos/raw/freeway.yuv -c:v h264_v4l2m2m out/out.h264.mp4
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