[Libav-user] ALS encoder

Oleg Khokhlov olegish at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 21:59:38 EET 2018

Hi all.

I am student and my name is Oleg. I work on qualification task for GSoC 2018.
I should implement float-point support to als encoder.

A have some questions:
1)In documentation was written

"The floating-point sequence is modeled by the sum of an integer sequence
multiplied by a constant (ACF: Approximate Common Factor) and a
residual sequence."

and in another part was written:

"If the input signal is 32-bit floating-point, input values are
decomposed  into three
parts: An estimated common multiplier A, a truncated integer
multiplicand sequence Y,
and a difference signal Z.".

Can somebody explain what is ACF (I don`t find definition of this term
in google)
and how I can compute it?

2)What is the best method for testing encoder?

Link to documentation.


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