[Libav-user] New api and deprecation warning

Michael IV explomaster at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 13:54:12 EET 2018

*AVCodecParameters is for information that codecs need to do their workbut
is stored in a structured way in the container format rather thanencoded in
the bitstream. Codecs vary in what they need and what theyput in the
bitstream, and formats vary in what they are able to encode,but there is
enough common ground for quite a few fields
inAVCodecParameters.AVCodecContext is for actual encoding en decoding. It
needs theinformation from AVCodecParameters, but it also needs settings
that arespecific to the process at hand.Complaining that AVCodecParameters
does not have a flags field is likecomplaining that the TV magazine tells
you how to turn the volumebutton on your TV.*

Thanks you for this even more confusing explanation, Nicolas ))
It is as clear as the FFMPEG API ;)  I guess,I am not working enough with
the av libs  to completely understand those subtle ideas.
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