[Libav-user] Help : YUV value for a macroblock in a yuv240p frame

JP May jpm at smhk.com
Tue Apr 9 16:56:05 EEST 2019

Hi Ndjore

For general programming questions like this, I would urge you to ask on stackoverflow.com. 

You will quickly get many full answers and examinations.

Just BTW.  Your email client has your name set AS ALL CAPS - NDJORE BORIS

Every single time an email arrives, it is very annoying

Would you mind changing it to Ndjore Boris. 

You can do that in the settings of your email client.


> Thank you simon.
> You probably right. The first loop is to obten all macroblock in the frame and the second is to optain each pixel in the macroblock, I thinked.
> But in what you gave if I do this for two different block, I think that I will obtain the same value for "y".
> Can you explain me  how can I do to obtain different "y" value for each macroblock if I'm wrong , please?

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