[Libav-user] Can't decode more than 5 video streams using libav+hwaccel.

Ахмед Анам ahmedanam at mail.ru
Wed Apr 17 10:28:38 EEST 2019

Hello everybody!

I configured ffmpeg to use hardware accelaration, built it and then wrote an app that decodes h264 streams. Maximum number of streams (cameras) that can be decoded is equal to 5. When I try to add one more camera I get errors:

[h264 @ 00000181858aa3c0] Error creating a NVDEC decoder: 2
[h264 @ 00000181858aa3c0] Failed setup for format cuda: hwaccel initialisation returned error
[h264 @ 00000181858aa3c0] decode_slice_header error
[h264 @ 00000181858aa3c0] no frame!

And frames are not decoded for the sixth camera. By the way, I don't understand where these messages are come from. They are just printed in my console.

My workstation configuration:
*  OS: Windows 10 x64
*  Graphic adapter: NVIDIA GTX 660 Is it because of NVIDIA GPUs have concurrent session limitation?

С уважением, Ахмед Анам.
Best regards, Akhmed Anam.
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