[Libav-user] list all available formats of webcam

Hristo Ivanov hivanov.ffmailing at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 12:43:43 EEST 2019


Sorry, I think I got it wrong in my previous reply:

> I think there is no way to retrieve the information using the FFMPEG API.

There is this:


Quoting the docs:

>  Following API allows user to probe device capabilities (supported
codecs, pixel formats, sample formats, resolutions, channel counts, etc).

Give the above API a try.

> So the output in the console comes from the backend and not from ffmpeg?

Well, the output comes from ffmpeg, it gets printed with the av_log()
For the decklink '-listformats' flag, the output just gets printed and it
is not stored in any structure(not even in the above API) from which it can
be retrieved.
That is why I had to capture the log and then parse it.

> probably I have to implement this functionality directly with Dshow in
Windows and v4l2 in Linux.

Doing this with the decklink API for my case would be a better solution
than the one I currently have.

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