[Libav-user] How to choose correct decoder for hw-accelerated decoding?

Ахмед Анам ahmedanam at mail.ru
Wed Apr 24 14:34:07 EEST 2019


I studied  hw-decode.c example and in this example a decoder is choosen based on an input video file (calling function  av_find_best_stream(input_ctx, AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO, -1, -1, &decoder, 0), where    decoder   is a local variable of type  AVCodec* ). I try to decode H264 videostream using hw-acceleration. To find a proper decoder I use  avcodec_find_decoder(codec_id)    function. Now for decoding h264 stream I use  AV_CODEC_ID_H264  as the argument for this function .  Is it correct? I don't see the difference in CPU and GPU utilization for hardware-accelerated decoding. Even for multiple streams.
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