[Libav-user] Timestamp offset in Smooth Streaming output (fmp4)

mvb maik.vanbrug at arbor.media
Fri Aug 16 14:37:34 EEST 2019


I am currently in the process of ingesting a live stream into Azure media
I want to do this using libav, but there is a limitation in my case. 

The timestamps we want in the output stream should be Unix timestamps
instead of pts values who start at 0 every time the stream is restarted. 
Reasoning for this is that i need timestamps who are always increasing, even
when the stream is restarted. Otherwise i will have to restart a live
channel on the Azure side, which will break a lot of stuff in my workflow.

Is this possible? I have managed to output these timestamps for other
formats such as flv and mp4. The format for which it isn't working is ismv.
I have looked into the -output_ts_offset option for ffmpeg, but this also
doesn't seem to work for this format.

For reference, we use a hardware encoder which is able to what i described
above. It produces a smooth stream with the pts as a Unix timestamp.

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