[Libav-user] VideoEditor based on FFMpeg

Alexander Gribanov sunrisecoder at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 15:47:14 EET 2019

Hello everyone!

I'm going to develop Video Editor, based on FFMpeg and Qt because these are
well-going products with everything I need...

The spectrum of the tasks for the editor is just to get frame-by-frame data
from the FFMpeg (video and audio), display to the user, then he may need to
split and stitch several files and render a video via FFMpeg (i.e. get
particular frame from FFMpeg, edit it like a picture and send it back to
FFMpeg to encode and save)...

The user probably will need video playback to find the point to cut (would
be nice not the video frames also, but also audio frames, to get the exact
point where to cut).

So please, could You help me to the point the direction to dig, first steps
to get familiar to use FFMpeg from Qt/C++ (unfortunately, I'm also not so
experienced with Qt/C++ (how to connect DLL (or other OS libraries), how to
invoke methods of those libraries, etc...), but have 8 years of
professional Java development experience, so I hope, general understanding
of development principles should help) and other stuff which I probably
don't even foresee...

Thank You very much in advance.
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