[Libav-user] Streaming an AVPacket over RTP with Libav

Philippe Noël philippe_noel at college.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 30 03:07:55 EET 2019


I have a server-client model in C where I encode a frame as H.264 with
libx264 on the server and stream it over a UDP socket to the client,
where it gets received and decoded with libx264 (using libav for

I see libav has RTP features implemented. I would like to stream RTP
instead of raw UDP to help reduce out-of-order packets. I could not find
example code online on how to use these fonctions. Do I use them to "wrap"
the AVPacket? Some guidance and example code for streaming an AVPacket as
RTP over a UDP socket in C would be very appreciated.


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