[Libav-user] Decoding memory consumption

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 12:53:36 EEST 2019

Am Di., 2. Juli 2019 um 10:58 Uhr schrieb Asaf Kave <kaveasaf at gmail.com>:

> I track the first call to 'avcodec_send_packet', and i find that the majority of
> the memory consumption is made by call to
> 'IDirectXVideoAccelerationService_CreateSurface' with initial_pool_size == 20.

16 is the maximum number of surfaces needed for h264 streams, my guess
is that the remaining four surfaces come from the number of decoding threads.

> Is  there any way to configure this number ?

Edit the source code.

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