[Libav-user] I am confused, I don't know which libraries I should use.

Wodzu brucedickinson at wp.pl
Wed Mar 20 10:13:05 EET 2019

Hi guys,


I've started developing my application using source code from here:

I've had some memory leaks, so I wanted to use Valgrind to detect them. I've
switched my environment to linux and used latest sources from git:

However, my program did not compile, g++ returned me error: error:
'AVERROR_EXTERNAL' was not declared in this scope.

So I've opened error.h and I see that there is no AVERROR_EXTERNAL defined
and from what I can see, it never was! But sources that I took from ffmpeg
do have defined this constant.

Why there is a difference? Which sources should I use? I am confused.


Best regards,




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