[Libav-user] Trouble with afade filter on Android x86 Device

Coulter, Sam samcoult at amazon.com
Thu Nov 7 03:07:11 EET 2019

Hello All,

I am having some trouble getting an af_afade filter to work on in a native (c++) android program. Swapping out the afade filter for a "volume" filter allows me to change the frame volume as expected, but no configuration of the afade filter seems to modify the frame at all.

I am cross compiling ffmpeg from linux with the configure options shown in ffmpeg_configure.sh, setting up the filter graph as shown in ffmpeg_filterSetup.c, and passing the frame in as shown in ffmpeg_useFilter.c (After having received it from an AVCodecContext object, and before resampling it with "swr_convert_frame").

Would really appreciate any help anyone can provide!



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